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Home Remedies For Sleep apnea Without CPAP

In this post, I will be address the home remedies for sleep apnea and I will be able to highlight some home remedies which can help you solve your sleep apnea problem.

Sleep apnea is a condition that causes you to stop respiration for brief intervals at the same time as you’re drowsing. People with sleep apnea don’t take in sufficient oxygen. This cause them to gasp and frequently awaken.

Obstructive sleep apnea is a circumstance wherein someone’s top airways grow to be in part or completely blocked. This obstruction causes the character to experience pauses in respiration while they sleep, normally due to the rest of the muscle mass in the back of the throat. These are the muscle mass that assist keep the airlines open.

Sleep apnea can cause some of health complications except leaving you extra tired in the morning. If left untreated, this sound asleep condition can cause:

  • trigger mental health issues
  • result in negative immune function
  • make contributions to memory loss
  • increase your danger of heart failure

Common treatments include respiration devices, medication, and surgery. However, a few ways of life modifications and home care also can improve your satisfactory of existence and your sleep.

There are fundamental types of sleep apnea: obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea. In folks with crucial sleep apnea, breathing disruption relates to mind function, and it is also a symptom of an extreme illness.


Here are the listings of home remedies for sleep apnea


According to the National Sleep Foundation, an estimated 18 million adults and 10–20% of children who snore in the United States have obstructive sleep apnea.

Those with mild or excessive sleep apnea must seek scientific treatment to avoid headaches, which can consist of coronary heart ailment and high blood pressure.

People with mild sleep apnea may also benefit from clinical treatment, but the proof in this subject remains inconclusive. There is not any clear cutoff factor for classifying sleep apnea as excessive in preference to slight and for determining whether or not it calls for scientific treatment.

The following are examples of some home remedies for sleep apnea.


#1. Weight loss techniques

For a few folks, carrying excess body weight can boom the chance of sleep apnea. In precise, extra fats in or around the neck can potentially impair someone’s breathing and get worse sleep apnea.

Losing excess weight could be an excellent first step in treating sleep apnea. Some steps that a person can take to shed pounds consist of:

  • decreasing the intake of processed and fast foods
  • engaging ordinary physical activities for at least half-hour each day
  • minimizing the intake of high sugar liquids

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#2. Healthful life-style changes

In addition to lifestyle modifications that promote weight loss, different fitness adjustments could help someone reduce the signs of sleep apnea.

Some examples of healthful lifestyle changes include:


  • refraining from smoking, that may result in swelling in the higher airlines, ensuing in sleep apnea
  • refraining from consuming alcohol as it can relax the throat muscle tissues and increase the chance of loud night breathing or snoring
  • taking over-the-counter allergy medicinal drugs or nasal decongestants to increase airflow with the aid of lowering swelling and fluid buildup within the nasal passages

These habits can help lessen the number of apnea episodes and the associated signs in some people with sleep apnea.


#3. Side snoozing position


One of the most commonplace techniques to home remedies for sleep apnea is a frame positioning pillow or another comparable tool. These positioners paintings by preserving a person from napping on their back. People who’ve obstructive sleep apnea are much more likely to have episodes once they sleep on their lower back.

One example is an aspect dozing backpack, that’s a vest-like apparel item that has a bulging part at the lower back. If a person tries to roll over onto their back while wearing the backpack, they cannot preserve the position and need to flip to at least one facet or any other.

Some people may also favor to make their very own positioner by means of securing a tennis ball or another item onto their returned that continues them from turning while sound asleep.

However, in one small study that take a look at, half of the individuals snored more often while using the positioner. Chronic snoring can harm the tissues within the higher airways, so this could not be a great answer for everybody.

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#4. Raise the head of the bed

Sleeping with the top of the mattress at an angle of approximately 60 degree may additionally assist lessen the variety of apnea episodes. This solution can be powerful for people who have sleep apnea that worsens once they lie on their returned however who discover it difficult to sleep on their side.

People might be able to gain this role via sleeping in a bed or chair that has an adjustable higher element. Alternatively, they can use pillows or purchase a body wedge for his or her torso to hold their head extended.


#5. Didgeridoo playing


While this remedy may also appear unusual at first-class, some facts exist to lower back it up. A small take a look at featuring in BMJ located that individuals who played the didgeridoo had decreased daytime sleepiness and apnea episodes in comparison with those who did not play.

It is essential to note, however, that this observe had simply 25 participants.

The didgeridoo is a wood wind tool from Australia. Playing the didgeridoo requires using a special breathing approach that could help beef up the muscle tissues inside the top airway. In this way, practising the instrument can also lessen sleep apnea episodes.

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#6. Oral or dental appliances

Another home remedy for sleep apnea is wearing an oral device that holds the tongue or jaw in a positive role to assist facilitate better respiration.

However, in most instances, an oral device will require a prescription, and a dental professional who has training in sleep medicine will need to fit it.


#7. Try yoga

Regular exercising can boom your strength degree, give a boost to your heart, and enhance sleep apnea. Yoga can in particular improve your respiratory power and encourage oxygen float.

Sleep apnea is associated with decreased oxygen saturation to your blood. Yoga can enhance your oxygen ranges through its various respiratory exercises. As a result, yoga reduces the amount of sleep interruptions you could revel in.


#8. Use a humidifier

Humidifiers are device that add moisture to the air. Dry air can irritate the frame and the respiratory system. Using a humidifier can open your airways, lower congestion, and encourage clearer breathing.

For add advantages, don’t forget including lavender, peppermint, or eucalyptus oil to a humidifier. These 3 essential oils have recognized anti inflammatory and soothing advantages.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on cleansing your humidifier. They can harbor molds and bacteria.

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#9. Avoid alcohol and smoking


Lifestyle adjustments can improve your health and inspire better sleeping behavior. Consider quitting smoking and restricting your alcohol intake to reduce sleep apnea complications.


Alcohol relaxes the throat muscle groups that manipulate your breathing. This can result in loud night breathing and an interrupted sleep cycle. It also can result in infection to your airlines, blocking off your airflow.

Similar to alcohol, tobacco use can also make contributions to inflammation and swelling on your airlines. This can worsen your loud night breathing and your sleep apnea.

A 2012 study recognized smoking as a danger component for growing sleep apnea. The study mentioned that people with sleep apnea may additionally have a predisposition to smoking as nicely, so treating sleep apnea might also assist in quitting smoking.


Causes of obstructive sleep apnea

Doctors have recognized numerous factors that make contributions to obstructive sleep apnea. These consist of:


  • being elderly forty years and older
  • being overweight
  • having a circle of relatives history of sleep apnea
  • heavy alcohol intake
  • having a large overbite
  • having a massive tongue, tonsils, or uvula
  • having a small jaw
  • smoking




Most people who’ve obstructive sleep apnea snore. They might also have a partner or cherished one that tells them that they snore loudly. Even if someone with sleep apnea does not snore, they will revel in different symptoms, together with immoderate daytimes sleepiness, troubles concentrating, or reminiscence troubles.

A person might also wish to discuss their signs and symptoms with a doctor, who will generally recommend a sleep study. The study may require the person to spend the night at a special facility, wherein medical specialists will screen how regularly they stop respiration even as napping, in addition to their oxygen saturation and coronary heart rate. However, home sleep tests also are an opportunity and are increasing in use.


A person must note that snoring does now not necessarily mean that they have sleep apnea.


Although loud night breathing is a hallmark of sleep apnea, a nap have a look at can help a physician determine whether or not someone has enough episodes of disordered breathing, or stoppages in breathing, for sleep apnea to be gift.


When to see a medical doctor


If a person has troubles with immoderate daytime hours sleepiness — as an instance, if they go to sleep at work or school — they should see their physician. They must also see their medical doctor if a cherished one witnesses them often stopping respiratory at the same time as they sleep.

Sleep apnea can be a critical circumstance. When someone stops respiratory, the heart works beyond regular time to pump blood via the frame to offer the oxygen that the frame does no longer get throughout apnea episodes. This extra work can damage the heart and cause excessive blood strain and coronary heart rhythm problems.


Traditionally, doctors deal with sleep apnea by way of having a person wear a unique device known as a continuous high-quality airway stress (CPAP) machine. This system suits over the mouth or nose and gives more high-quality airway pressure to preserve the airlines from collapsing while a person sleeps.

Doctors may additionally endorse surgical operation to treat sleep apnea, specifically in kids with enlarged tonsils and adenoids. A doctor can remove those larger structures at the back of the throat to enhance airflow.



Sleep apnea is a situation which can have an effect on a person’s pleasant of existence and bodily health.


Home remedies for sleep apnea, such as wholesome life-style modifications and raising the top at night, may additionally assist reduce episodes of apnea.

However, if a person has moderate or severe sleep apnea, they ought to see a health practitioner. They will probably need to put on a CPAP machine to aid their respiration.


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