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Penile Discharge: Symptoms, Cause & Treatment

What is penile discharge?

Penile discharge is any substance that comes out of the penis that’s neither urine nor semen. This discharge usually comes out of the urethra, which runs through the penis and exits at the top. It might be white and thick or clear and watery, depending at the underlying cause.

While penile discharge is a common symptom of many sexually transmitted sicknesses (STDs), along with gonorrhea and chlamydia, other things can cause it as well. Most of them aren’t severe, however they do generally require medical attention.

Men with urethral symptoms should be tested for Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

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Urinary tract infections 

People typically associate urinary tract infections (UTIs) with women, but males can get them, too. There are different styles of UTIs, depending on wherein the infection is.

In males, a type of UTI referred to as urethritis can cause discharge.

Urethritis refers to inflammation of the urethra. Gonococcal urethritis refers to urethritis that’s caused by gonorrhea, an STD. Non-gonococcal urethritis (NGU), then again, refers to all other types of urethritis.


In addition to discharge, NGU can cause:

  • pain
  • burning while urinating
  • common urge to urinate
  • itching
  • tenderness

An STD apart from gonorrhea may additionally cause NGU. But different infections, inflammation, or accidents also can cause it.

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Some potential non-STD causes of NGU consist of:

  • adenovirus, a deadly disease that may cause gastroenteritis, pinkeye, and sore throat
  • bacterial infection
  • irritation from a product, which include soap, deodorant, or detergent
  • damage to the urethra from a catheter
  • harm to the urethra from intercourse or masturbation
  • genital injuries



The prostate is a walnut-shaped gland that surrounds the urethra. It’s chargeable for making prostatic fluid, an issue of semen.

Prostatitis refers to inflammation of this gland. The inflammation may be the result of an infection in or harm to the prostate. In different instances, there’s no clean cause.


Possible signs and symptoms of prostatitis include discharge and:

  • pain
  • foul-smelling urine
  • blood within the urine
  • trouble urinating
  • a vulnerable or interrupted urine circulate
  • pain while ejaculating
  • issue ejaculating

In a few instances, prostatitis resolves on its very own or with remedy within a few days or weeks. This type of prostatitis is known as acute prostatitis. But persistent prostatitis sticks round for at the least 3 months and often doesn’t leave with remedy. Treatment may assist relieve symptoms, although.



Smegma is a buildup of a thick, white substance below the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis. It’s made from pores and skin cells, oils, and fluids. Smegma isn’t without a doubt discharge, however it appears very similar.

All of the fluids and components of smegma clearly occur on your body. They help hold the region hydrated and lubricated. But if you don’t frequently wash your genital area, it may start to build up and cause soreness.

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Smegma also enables create a moist, warm surroundings. This can increase your chance for a fungal or bacterial infection.



Balanitis is infection of the foreskin. It tends to happen in humans with uncircumcised penises. While it can be pretty painful, it’s generally not critical.

In addition to discharge, balanitis can also cause:

  • redness across the glans and below the foreskin
  • tightening of foreskin
  • odor
  • soreness or itchiness
  • ache within the genital region

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Several things can cause balanitis, inclusive of:

  • Skin situations, inclusive of eczema
  • fungal infections
  • bacterial infections
  • irritation from soaps and other merchandise


Pre-ejaculate is fluid that comes out of the penis for the duration of arousal. People also talk over with it as ‘precum.’

The Cowper’s glands make pre-ejaculate, which exits the penis within the same manner as semen and urine.

In top instances, there are only some drops of pre-ejaculate, so a few people might not observe it in any respect.

A 2010 study observed that a few men have sperm of their pre-ejaculate, while others do not. In most cases, the volume of sperm is low.

There is still a risk that pre-ejaculate getting into a vagina ought to result in pregnancy, so husbands who is willing to have sex with their wife and don’t want to impregnate his wife should wear sex protected instrument like condom


Ruling out an STD

If you’ve ever had any sort of sexual contact, it’s important to rule out an STD as a capacity cause of your discharge. This can be accomplished with simple urine and blood tests.

Gonorrhea and chlamydia are of the top common causes of penile discharge. They require treatment with prescription antibiotics.

Keep in mind that STDs don’t simply end result from penetrative intercourse. You can contact an STD by receiving oral sex and engaging in non-intercourse activities.

And a few STDs don’t cause symptoms without delay. This approach you may nevertheless have an STD, even if you haven’t had any sexual touch in months.

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Left untreated, STDs can cause lengthy-time period complications, so it’s essential to deal with them. This also reduces your risk for transmitting an infection to others.

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When to look a doctor

Not all male discharge is an indication of a hassle. Sometimes, it appears due to the temporary manufacturing of more smegma or pre-ejaculate.

In different cases, an individual may experience the discharge more, possibly because they are paying closer attention to their penis or unexpectedly feeling self-conscious.

It is really useful for a person to consult a physician approximately penile discharge in the event that they experience these:

  • Discharge that isn’t always from pre-ejaculate or ejaculate
  • Pain when urinating and having sex
  • Swelling on or across the penis
  • a nasty odor coming from the penis
  • a fever or other signs of infection, along with feeling nauseated

Even if those signs and symptoms are not gift, talking to a medical doctor approximately regular discharge may be reassuring. A physician can assist pick out what going to be work for you

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Male discharge is common, wholesome, and might even make sex more relaxed. Quite frequently, if no different signs occur along the release, there can be no cause for alam.

Infections, and different issues respond well to remedy, so there may be no need to suffer or experience embarrassed. A healthcare issuer can frequently deal with abnormal discharge extraordinarily fast. Not all male discharge is a sign of a trouble.


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