Commission Hero Review


Commission hero review
Does Commission Hero work? Legit or a Scam? Dont Buy until you read our honest review.

Hey Friends, thanks for checking out my Commission Hero Review!


I was a chunk shocked when I first googled “Commission Hero Review by Robby Blanchard” and didn’t discover a SINGLE REAL REVIEW ON HIS COURSE!

Seriously, you’ve got possibly seen them yourself as well!

Commission hero review
Does Commission Hero work? Legit or a Scam? Dont Buy until you read our honest review.

It’s either:

  • Fake Positive Reviews: this nugatory associate marketers have simply never tried commission hero, and just discover what they can on line approximately Robby Blanchard’s route, say it’s extremely good and make an advice for it with their associate link and ton of BS bonuses really worth $25,000 (LOL)
  • OR
  • Fake Reviewers who say it’s horrible, and recommend their “#1 Affiliate Course or training” instead. (You’ve likely seen each of those, but this one annoys me so much, as this mendacity method is commonly taught by using one precise path known for coaching this to their novice students).

BUT the big problem with Both of these two is this:



Is commission hero a scam?

I do not see how you could do a “review” of ANY course or program along with commission hero without even attempting it, but maybe it’s me who is been doing it  incorrect way all these years?

Anyway, I wish it is ok with you if I destroy the cycle and actually TRY commission hero before leaving a review? (Honesty, loopy concept right?)



So – guess what?!


I Joined Commission Hero, so I can show you in the direction!

I’ve gone through the training, I’ve watched the Videos, I’ve read the conversations in the boards…

BOOM! Take THAT, Worthless Affiliates!!

Check out my review of commission hero

Let’s Dig In!


What Is Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard all about?

Commission Hero is an Affiliate Marketing Course through Robby Blanchard, one of the TOP Clickbank Affiliates under this planet. (Currently earn about $1,000,000 per MONTH on Clickbank WITHOUT doing product launches all of the time).

Robby is doing a massive great of this through Facebook ads and funnels, like Robby teaches in his course!

I recognize, for many people, the concept of creating $2,000 a day, $4,000 a day, or maybe $7,000 a day sounds not possible…

…Some people cannot even fathom making $100 a day, let alone the ones bigger life-changing numbers.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it is 100% actual true, because I am now making those figure myself as an affiliate marketer each single day, and I needed to begin somewhere much like you!

Commission Hero is a direction that teaches you how to build excellent easy 1-2 page websites (Aka – Funnels) to sell products through VERY easy Facebook Ads, just like those you see in your Facebook timeline each unmarried day!


The Commission Hero Course three-Step Process for Affiliate Success

While it does take a bit whilst to get the grasp of, Commission Hero’s affiliate marketing training be broken down into a few easy steps (that is my own tackle matters, via the way – taking what I found out from them and simplifying it):


Commission Hero Step 1: Pick an Offer to Promote

Here are the list of affiliate network you can work with commission hero

Find the product you’ll sell.  While you may likely start out with an offer on clickbank, because of the massive variety of famous niches – there are other affiliate networks you can select to promote from.  The program has certain training videos on more than one affiliate networks, including Clickbank.

Even with the CoronaVirus going round now, online business is BOOMING, and a number of the more profitable niches are crushing it right now!



Some of the niches I’ve had success in affiliate marketing in 2020 and 2021 on my own are:

  • Make money on-line, Business Opportunity
  • Survival (hot now!)
  • Health
  • Parenting
  • Gardening
  • DIY (build your very own woodshed, make your property generator, that form of stuff)

There are TONS of other niches accessible even though, just be creative and use the strategies taught inside the course to find a profitable niches of interest, then a great product to promote in that niche.


Commission Hero Step 2: Build your Landing Page

Here is a tool on commission hero that can help you build landing page

The subsequent things you’ll need to do after you choose the product you will promote as an affiliate.

While Commission Hero will train you to build your landing pages (aka, funnel) inside Clickfunnels, it is not required and you are more than welcome to use ANY landing page builder, or maybe do the landing pages in Hypertext Preprocessor/html!

The landing pages must tell a story, as you may study, and that they have to pre-sell the product you are promoting as an affiliate.

In commission hero, you’ll research the importance of writing good landing page copy, or even some tricks

For those who may not be a top notch writer, but I become capable of research pretty a piece approximately the sales system and attitude to write down some quick however powerful copy.

You’ll additionally research the significance of an excellent IMAGE on your landing page(s) in addition to your Facebook Ads.


My #1 Tip: Copywriting is THE #1 absolute first-rate skill you could have to make money on-line, DON’T just restriction yourself to what you study writing killer copy.


Commission Hero Step 3: Build your Facebook Ads

Commission hero will teach you how to set up facebook ads that will earn you almost $1000 per day

Step three in the commission hero path (and you could do that ALL via the way in just multiple minutes) is growing your Facebook ads.

If you have made it this far inside the training, congratulations!

Believe it or not, a completely small percentage of folks that join on-line courses and training (regardless of the price) ever take an action and commenced!

The ENTIRE commission hero technique up until now (locating an offer, building a landing page) may be executed in only some hours on your first time, and EASILY in 30 minutes or much less once you get the hang of doing it).

For your Facebook ads, MY private recommendation is to test each short and lengthy reproduction, in addition to 3-5 photographs to discover the nice aggregate of what receives the cheapest clicks

The images you use are VERY important, as you’ll study, as they may be what get people to stop scrolling, and look at your advert.   You need your entire ad to STOP people in their tracks, grasp their interest, and click for your advert/offer/ landing page.

Needless to say, your photographs and ad textual content need to be relevant to the provide and audience viewing them, in case your ads don’t resonate well with your audience, they’re probably no longer going to test your advert, not to mention click on it or engage with it.

You’ll learn in commission hero (with the advert monitoring spreadsheet) how to pinpoint EXACTLY what picture, advert textual content, and targeted interest made the sale for you – which makes it terrific smooth to get rid of what doesn’t work, and scale up on stuff that does!



Does Commission Hero REALLY Work?

Before you ask – YES what you may study inside the Commission Hero affiliate marketing direction clearly does work, and NO you don’t need to be a mega advertising and marketing genius to tug this off

I myself am a JUNIOR College Dropout, and I have controlled to make affiliate marketing work quite nicely for myself through the help of commission hero training, and create my own 7-Figure Online Business!

Just this past 30 days, I’ve made money with my own funnels in niches which include; survival, DIY, Baby Sleep Training, Teaching Kids to Read, Type 2 Diabetes, make money online, and more…


I nevertheless consider my FIRST EVER AFFILIATE SALE!

It was in 2014, I earned $25.00 from a program I became promoting referred to as Replay Media Catcher.

While it is not a whole lot of money, that ONE sale proved to me that “I can do this!”

It proved to me that being profitable on-line is an actual issue, and changed into all I needed to cross into overdrive and not forestall until I found the fulfillment I became searching out.

Shoot, I still recollect my first $100 a day, my first $500 day, or even my first $1,000 day (and the path I was selling on the time).

I also recollect my first time making over $10,000 in one DAY…

I additionally made $135,000 that same week, which became the most I made on-line in that time, up till that point.

(This became 2017, the 12 months I handled myself to the luxurious watch I’ve wanted for a long time, the Breitling Navitimer!) I paid $6,000 for it, in July 2015, and I’ll keep it all the time as it’s a milestone marker and it way loads to me.

… Whilst the ones milestones are fantastic, that one $25.00 commission from Replay Media Catcher is what made all of it viable for me, as it proved to me that I had what it took to be successful on line!

I KNOW you can do it too, it simply takes willpower. Don’t give up or end if things are not looking up, I’ve failed more instances than I can remember, however here I am.

That being stated, let’s take a glance inside this affiliate marketing direction via Robby Blanchard

The Commission Hero Members Area

Commission hero member area

The Commission Hero Members area appears splendid, and is specified in a completely easy to follow along way.

The most important modules of the Commission Hero course are listed on the left side bar, and the training videos are break down into great ‘easy to follow’ chunks, so you’re no longer caught looking one video for two hours and 37 minutes.

On top of this, the members area looks professional, and without a doubt offers a premium experience when you log in to view your training for the first time.

The training in commission hero is break down into 5 main sections:


Module 1.) Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

This is in where you will start your commission hero journey, Make sure to look at this video and down load the Launch Checklist on the first web page to get commenced on the right foot! It will assist set up your expectations, and does a quite excellent job at motivating you as nicely!



A. Getting Started

This phase of commission hero covers ALL of the vital things you’ll need to get started, including the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, ad accounts, clickfunnels, and distinctive advert networks such as:

  • Clickbank
  • Start Here – Welcome
  • What Is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Ad Accounts
  • Clickfunnels
  • Clickbank
  • Max Web


B. Choosing The Right Offers to promote as an Affiliate

Next, your commission hero training goes into a few VERY designated training on a way to find the RIGHT OFFERS to sell on diverse affiliate networks.

It’s VERY vital to promote the RIGHT offers with a purpose to maximize your earnings, so ensure you pay near interest to this segment of the training!

  • Finding The Right Offers on Clickbank
  • Finding The Right Offers on MaxWeb
  • Finding The Right Offers on A4D


C. Finding Your Facebook Ad Image

Next up, this phase is going to locating/creating the right AD IMAGES – trust it or not, the IMAGE for your advert is equally (if not extra) vital than the advert reproduction itself.

As I mentioned earlier, there may be loads of psychology at the back of this, and the training explains it in a pretty uncomplicated manner!

  • What An Image Should Contain
  • Finding The Right Designer On Fiverr


D. Setting Up A Landing Page

The next part of Commission Hero teaches you landing page creation, and how to set them up the RIGHT manner from the very beginning!

You’ll learn how to Register For clickfunnels, installation affiliate links, your area and your landing page in an ‘over-the-shoulder’ manner that I located VERY clean to comply with in conjunction with!

  • Register For Clickfunnels
  • Setting Up Your Affiliate Links
  • Setting Up Your Domain
  • Setting Up Your PHP Landing Page

By the way, Having a clickfunnels account is NOT required most be triumphant with commission hero, you can use any landing page builder you want, or even construct html/php landing pages!

That being stated though, not only does Clickfunnels provide first-rate FREE training for affiliates of all tiers, but you may sell Clickfunnels for a groovy 40% commission, AND you get paid on their back end offers and up-sells as nicely!


Module 2.) FB Set Up

Check out the above video for just a TASTE of what Robby Blanchard might be teaching!

This segment of commission hero were putting in place Facebook for business, your Facebook Fan Page, putting in your campaigns and ad-sets, developing custom audiences or even searching internal at a totally a success marketing campaign for thought and thoughts.

Commission Hero also shows you a way to quickly install your Facebook pixel for tracking conversions, and the way to set it up within Clickbank for even more accurate tracking info!

Here is a sneak height on the instructions in this segment of Commission Hero:

  • Setting Up Facebook
  • Setting Up Business Manager
  • Launching Your First Campaign
  • Setting Up Your Fan Page
  • Setting Up Facebook Campaign and Adset
  • Setting Up Your Ads
  • Creating A Custom Audience
  • BONUS – Inside Look At A Successful Campaign


2.) Setting Up Facebook Pixel

  • How To Install Your Facebook Pixel
  • Placing Your Facebook Pixel In Your Clickbank Account
  • Understanding Your Pixel Analytics

Being that Facebook is wherein ALL of your site visitors might be coming from, it’s very essential to no longer handiest pay near interest to this part of training, but takes notes as nicely!

I’ve taken notes on each segment with Windows 10 Sticky Notes – they’re stored on my computer, and I can pull them up fast for reference every time I need them.

The Bonus training displaying inside a successfulcampaign is VERY eye opening (photograph underneath), and SHOWS you what is possible while you enforce what you research with your commission hero training!

Robby Blanchard facebook training

Module 3.) Tracking

As the phase says, this training in commission hero is going to tracking your campaigns, and consists of tracking spreadsheets, special training on putting in tracking links, and scaling your campaigns to bring in larger $$ after they start changing!

The training is broken down like this:

  1. Tracking Your Campaign
  • Tracking Spreadsheet
  • How To Install Tracking Links
  • Using Tracking IDs


  1. Scaling
  • Scaling Your Commission Hero Campaigns
  • Tracking is the most of a successful marketing campaign, and not difficult inside the slightest!
  • Scaling is equally essential and how you pass from $100 in a day to $1,000 in a day, and more!

It’s a bit of a rush, like gambling in on line casino! And do not worry, you WON’T be scaling unitl you find a triumphing marketing campaign first!

On any other be aware, the blanketed monitoring spreadsheet even automobile calculates your ROI and much more


Module 4.) Resources

Million dollar landing page

This section of the commission hero course is one among my favorites, because it has a variety of their “accomplished-for-you” things, together with Million Dollar Landing Page Swipes, Ad Copy

It also goes into MINDSET that is something many folks generally tend to disregard or forget whilst beginning a new on line business.

My PERSONAL favorite part of this is the training on IMAGES, as the ones are what get the eye and ultimately force the clicking on your ad.

Also featured is a “Featured Offers” segment, recommending some high-converting products which can be easily making $5k a a day or more, using the above referred to swipes, ad replica and snap shots.



Module 5.) Additional Training for your Online Business

This is some other favorite phase of mine in commission hero, because it is going to a few miles that most products don’t.

It has three sections: Ninja Tactics, Snap Chat Training, and Email Marketing Training.

  • The Ninja Tactics phase covers things like Reaching Out To Affiliates, Spying on Facebook Ads, Dealing With Account Shut Downs (which I promise, isn’t any huge deal and clean to restore), and even which Credit Card to maximize factors/miles for your ad spend!
  • The Snap Chat training isn’t always something I would normally look at, as I experience too old LOL – but I’m glad I did. It goes into the Snap Chat demographics, and how to install Snapchat Ads to run to them!  Sneaky stuff, and VERY under-utilized (for now) via affiliate marketer.
  • The Email Marketing training is a pleasing bonus as properly, and it teaches you the basics of the way that is done, and the way you can use it to boom your customer value appreciably.

That’s the fundamentals of the traing, however past that you’re additionally given the choice (although on no account required) to Join Robby’s Inner Circle coaching course, or get DIY Images or Facebook  Campaigns, and even access the 2019 live occasion recording.

Honestly ALL of these are in all likelihood well worth it, as 1 unmarried IMAGE can cost you $20 effortlessly (or take half-hour to create yourself).  The time stored is useful, in my opinion, but once more – NOT required to have success with this direction!


Commission Hero Review, is Robby MY Hero?

If you have come this a long way in my commission hero reviews, thanks!

You glaringly understand with the aid of that it’ll take you effort and time to go through the traing, and in reality placed it into action – but in case you do, and also you do not stop after your first failed campaign (or 3) there may be really actual money to be made the usage of what Robby Teaches on this affiliate direction.


(Check out the Video Below for a complete 20 minute Commission Hero Members Area Tour!)

Here’s the element, this sort of business takes a bit little bit of time to research. Once you apprehend it, but, it’s certainly just a gadget that works each time in case you truly comply with it to the letter, take a look at nicely, and scale as soon as you have got winning campaigns.

After completing the training, I turned into clearly able to get a worthwhile campaign with a survival product on Clickbank, and with $50.00 advert spend, I earned $320.00 in a day #6+!

Now, naturally – as with any affiliate marketing course, there are going to be both Pros



Commission Hero Pros

  • Robby Blanchard is one of the top Clickbank Affiliates, a credible trainer, and does NOT depend on launching products a couple of times a year for his profits. If you took Commission Hero away, he’d nonetheless be a top affiliate with Clickbank.
  • The Facebook Group is AMAZING, up to date all of the time, and possibly worth the value of the route by myself. (Below is an e mail I obtained from a member that purchased Commission Hero from me as a way to get my epic bonus,!)
Commission hero email
  • This is a valid way to not only construct a “side hustle”, but update your day process substantially. Remember, Commission Hero is NOT a ‘get rich quick’ business, you’re going to take time
  • The Live Training is frequent, and very thorough.
  • It’s clean to get your questions answered inside the Facebook group, at the live training classes, or via sending in an electronic mail request!


My recommendation, select it up now and get yourself the capabilities to truly make it together with your on line enterprise.  Earning money online is now more needed than ever, as you in all likelihood recognize – and this is one of the higher (and legit) approaches of doing it.

I could additionally propose going into this with the right mindset for success. 

If you simply inform yourself “oh I do not know if I can do that”, or “i do not suppose I can try this”, or maybe “what if I fail?” – you’ll be placing yourself up to fail from the start, as you are already convincing yourself which you’re not going to be triumphant.

On the other hand, in case you go into this (or any business) KNOWING that you’re going to present it your all, receive and analyze out of your failures, and stick with it until you are making it work, then well….You are going to do just that.

All that being said, if you have any questions at all – please – do not be shy – let me know!

OH – one more component – if you observed my review beneficial, i would without a doubt appreciate you the use of my referral link (beneath) to make your purchase, however simply in case you’re not TOTALLY sold yet, I put together some bonuses to make the already firbest offer even MORE irresistible.

Click the image below to get started with commission hero


My UNBEATABLE Commission Hero Bonus!

You understand, I can be like each person else available right now and provide you a crazy $50,000 well worth of bonuses!

(Hint: These are all both PLR they obtained totally free, OR complete stolen products with the aid of other product vendor that they are gifting away illegally.)

But….I do not swing that way – I concept thought about it long and hard (not certainly) and figured….Why no longer give you something that can honestly HELP YOU MAKE MONEY!

Crazy Concept Right?

I’m imparting something of VALUE on the way to truly HELP YOU IN YOUR BUSINESS!

OKAY – Enough of my crazy ramblings, here’s what I gotz!


#1 – I’ll Help Ya for your Journey! ($five,000 Value)

I’ll fortunately review your campaign, and send a custom video showing you what I might do if it were my personal.

  • I’ll let you EVERYTHING I might change, regardless of how an awful lot work that may cause for you.
  • If you are STILL stuck after my video, we are able to hop on a 30-60 minute skype call, no problem.
  • On top of this – you could EMAIL ME any questions you have, and I’ll be more than glad to offer you any steering I can!
  • I am a super affiliate and am additionally a former instruct for some of the exceptional Internet Marketers in the business .
  • I’m a fun man – you’ll learn plenty and get helped by way of one of the great inside the industry (me!)


#2 – My Top 10 FAVORITE Niche Research Tools

Everybody is aware of about Clickbank already, shoot – I’m a Clickbank Platinum Affiliate for 2019 and 2020, which means that i am a top affiliate.

BUT – most people do not comprehend there are TONS of Profitable Niches And Affiliate Programs OUTSIDE of Clickbank, and I’ve made well into 7 Figures with THOSE beyond couple of years.

“Get Instant Access To My Top 10 Niche Research Tools Instantly”

I’ll percentage the way to:

  • Find Hot Niche Markets
  • Spy in your Competition (just no longer me! LOL)
  • Tools For Finding Keywords


#3 – How to Become a Niche Authority

For Bonus #3, I want to share with you my ULTIMATE Guide to Finding your niche of interest and DOMINATING it.

This 65 Page Guide is ZERO Fluff and Full of ACTIONABLE Things You can begin with right away.  It’s also a enlargement of Bonus #2, and takes things many steps further!



My Final Thoughts in this Course

I’ll be honest; those three bonuses above are actually the only factors I assume I can offer so that it will add VALUE to Commission Hero.

I simply don’t suppose I can teach you something else – BUT I permit you to and ensure you’re doing it better.

Sure I ought to offer you an iPad, or $50,000 Worth of bad excellent “Bonus” PLR Content like some of the ones Scammy “Review” Sites You see.  I could even provide video training on something absolutely un-related to this program, but I do not need to insult you.

Instead, you get a few 1-on-1 time with me, one of the great Affiliate Marketers inside the industry – AND some top first-rate training on now not simplest niche studies, however the tools you want to get commenced speedy!

Click the image below to get started with commission hero

P.S. Also well worth sorting out for 2020 are Super Affiliate System, and Commission Hero.

Complete Newbie? I were given you covered too, take a look at out Clickbank University 2.0, one among my top hints for total inexperienced persons!


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